Welcome to Lux Life Coaching, an accessible bilingual practice for coaching, counseling and training in the Amsterdam area!

As a coach and trainer I specialize in identity and purpose. I inspire and help you to develop more awareness and inner freedom, so you can become who you are in essence and thus shape your best life. Because I sincerely believe there’s more to life. That more is possible. And that you too, can create the life you’re truly longing for … even though that may seem impossible now!

Know that you don’t have to stay stuck in your fears, your head, old patterns or whatever else is hindering you on your path. I show you the way out of the darkness and help you move towards the light. Your light. Because the more people start shining their light, the more beautiful the world will become. Here you can find out more about my vision and way of working.

In addition to individual trajectories, Lux Life Coaching regularly provides various workshops and training programs related to personal development, both for companies and private clients.


Helping you realize your purpose





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