About me

My name is Mirjam Dekker. I´ve always been fascinated by how people ‘work’ and how we (can) give meaning to our lives. That’s why I chose to study psychology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, diploma: 1999). This has provided me with thorough background knowledge. Still, what I learned there didn’t touch the essence I was looking for. In the years that followed, I completed various other education programs - including life coaching, NLP and systemic work (constellations) - and founded this holistic coaching and training practice. I went on to train new generations of life and career coaches for Balansgroep, in the capacity of trainer and study coach. However, my expertise is not only the result of all my education, work experience and years of research. My own life experiences have also been highly instrumental.

Ever since I was a child I 'knew' there was something else waiting for me, that life held much more possibilities and promise somehow. I had a big vision and a strong desire (and luckily also the courage) to go my own  way and free myself of everything that was holding me back en route to my ideal life. That´s what kept driving me and what got me to where I am today! However, that doesn´t mean it was presented to me on a silver platter .... Life has given me a sizeable number of challenges, from a troubled childhood, a host of anxiety, stress and HSP related issues, invasive medical and family problems, a career that made me deeply unhappy to a burnout with years of aftermath and more .... I´ve been through all of it. 
But this isn´t about me, it's about how my story can serve you! Precisely because  I had to overcome all those challenges on my path to freedom and happiness, I learned a great deal. And that knowledge I now pass on to you!

Because you can transcend all of this. It can truly be different! You TOO can realize your most beautiful life - despite your baggage, your story and your (supposed) limitations. I teach you all about how  to do that. There´s so much more than you think possible now! You don't have to keep struggling and you don´t have to settle for a mediocre life either, featuring a smaller version of you. It's time to live your full potential and express who you really are! This is what I help you with. My intuitive abilities are also highly instrumental in my work. I also tell you a bit about this on my Welcome page.

In addition to coaching and training I also like to write. Travelling, all over the world, is another great passion you may always wake me up for! :-) Also, I have lived and worked abroad for multiple years.


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