About me

My name is Mirjam Dekker. Something I have carried with me ever since I was young, is my interest in human behavior and the human existence. I find it fascinating how we ‘work’ and how we (can) live life. That’s why I chose to study psychology. This has provided me with thorough background information. Still, what I learned there didn’t touch the essence I was looking for. And I wanted to work with people in a different way. So I went my own way. I completed various other education programs - including life coaching and systemic work (constellations) - and founded my own holistic coaching and training practice.

Besides my education I’ve also gathered my expertise by other means: through various teachers, books and many years of (self)inquiry. Personal development, in the broadest sense, has always strongly motivated me. A lot of what I encounter through my clients I know not just from the outside, but through personal experience as well, and that naturally makes a difference. Furthermore, precisely because of all the challenges and struggles in my own life, I’ve learned a great deal. This kind of information is not taught in school, but should be available to everyone. Like how to master your own mind, feelings and energy. It’s about awareness, happiness and creating. About recognizing your own true worth and potential. About how to gain inner freedom and dissolve obstacles that stand between you and your ideal life. This is what I want to pass on and what I help people with these days.

Training is one of the things I love to do most, in small and in bigger groups. Travelling the world is another great passion. Also, I have lived and worked abroad for multiple years.


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