About dragons and demons

Afraid of the dark

I have yet to meet the first person who would rather not be happy in his or her heart... ultimately we are all looking for happiness, right? At the same time, we’re master saboteurs in keeping away from what can bring us that happiness. At number 1 in the list of causes is, with a capital letter indeed, Fear. It’s that one uninvited guest who keeps popping up and bothering us. I could devote a series of blogs to that alone ... 
But my main concern now is the fear we have for the dark side of life, for our own darkness. For the confrontation with our dragons and demons. Our (unprocessed) pain. We want to get away from that, not move towards it! Afraid as we are to end up overwhelmed, swallowed up, defeated, lost. 

If you want more in life

That strategy doesn’t work, however ... and certainly not if you want more in life, whether it’s happiness, freedom, consciousness or something else. If you feel you want to take your life to the next level and you intend to manifest your deep desires and big dreams, then you can’t ignore your own darkness (any longer). For those dragons and demons, they will cross your path, whether sooner or later! You will be challenged, that is certain ... And then you have to be prepared to do the inner work that is needed, to get to where you want to be. If your desire is strong enough and you also have the necessary perseverance, then you are well on your way already. As Walt Disney so beautifully said: 'If you can dream it, you can do it'. And so it is!

The mines of Moria

It can feel scary to move into the dark. But only by facing the dark you can reach the light ... your light. It is the only way. There is no diversion. 
Just like the mines of Moria from the movie The Lord of the Rings .... do you remember? The group had to go through those dark mines, as there was no way around them. Knowing that they could encounter all kinds of Orks, that scary big Balrog and other dangers. But still they went. They were committed to their mission, to what they had to do and accomplish. And that requires courage. Just like the encounter with your dragons and demons requires courage. Fortunately, you can learn how best to face them, so they start losing more and more of their power over you. Which means you gain in freedom.

My own path

My greatest lessons in this field have undoubtedly come from my own life path, everything included. I had to face a small army of dragons and demons, some very big and powerful. An unsafe childhood with a tough legacy, traumas, fear/panic attacks, serious medical problems, family drama, a burnout and then some things ;-) .... I know very well what it’s like to be in the dark, not being able to find the light switch or the exit. Still, you can come out of that too. Wiser and lighter. However, that doesn’t mean that I am now ‘there’ and done, like nobody ever is. We learn all our lives and eventually over the course of many lives.

You have a choice

One of the things driving me is that I’ve always felt strongly that I don't want to be a victim or a hostage. I want to take my own life into my own hands. You can choose that. And you too have that choice, even if it doesn’t feel like it (yet) .... You can nevertheless choose to realize your most beautiful life .... despite the darkness and maybe even against the odds. Regardless of your personal baggage. 
And although your path may look completely different from mine, the principle remains intact. There are ways out of the darkness and there are keys available that open gates. You don't have to stay trapped in a smaller world or a smaller version of yourself than you really are!

Enlightenment, done differently

Besides all the challenges that have come my way, I am also blessed with a good dose of energy, enthusiasm, positivity and humor (although I say so myself :-)). These qualities have helped me tremendously in my own quest. And I often use these same qualities in my work with other people. It  is part of my strength. Because playing around with dragons and demons doesn't have to be done in a heavy, complicated or 'therapeutic' way, as is often thought. It can also be different. For example, I laugh a lot with my clients, while at the same time doing in-depth work and tackling major life issues. In this way en-lighten-ment can arise as well: both in terms of awareness and heaviness.

Which of your dragons and demons would you like to take care of? You (both) are welcome! :-)

Published on: February 12, 2019 - © Lux Life Coaching

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