Coach Intensive in Valencia

A Coach Intensive in Valencia, Spain is a kind of retreat. But then fully tailored to you and what you want help with … no sharing time or attention with other people. Besides a boost in your awareness and personal development, there is also plenty of room for culture, nature and the full enjoyment of everything that the beautiful and dynamic city of Valencia has to offer!

Imagine this: in the morning you receive a couple of hours of personal coaching from me, perhaps on the beach or in the park if the weather is good (which it almost always is). In the afternoon there will be plenty of time left to go sightseeing and immerse yourself in Valencia’s wonderful atmosphere. Meanwhile you’ll also find yourself relaxing on a terrace, enjoying the sun and a delicious lunch, or perhaps some tapas in one of the many good restaurants …

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And why not combine the useful with the pleasant? They go together really well. Furthermore, literally distancing yourself from how things are in your life right now will facilitate the emergence of new insights and a new perspective. Whereas at home you’re likely to keep going around in the same circles. I’ve also made some of the best decisions for my own life while I was away!

Are your soul, mind and energy in need of real nourishment? And do you feel like getting to work with me? Then sign up for your own Coach Intensive in Valencia! It’s easiest to send me an email:

Practical info

A Coach Intensive covers 3 days (mornings), which amounts to a total of 6 hours of coaching. More information on the cost can be found here.
The precise data are flexible and to be determined together. 
If you like, I can also advise you on flights and accommodation, as well as on all the fun places of the city itself of course!

I look forward to meeting you in Spain!

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