For whom

Lux Life Coaching is for all those wanting to live life fully and consciously.

The issues my clients want help with are diverse. For instance:

  • you’re longing for a greater sense of happiness, fulfillment and/or joy
  • you want to get more out of life and yourself, but you don't know how to tap into that
  • you want to learn how to turn your own desires and dreams into reality
  • you're troubled by ongoing unrest, negative thoughts, fear etc. and would like to change that
  • you feel ready for a change, but are uncertain as to what the best direction is to go in
  • you're curious about your own life purpose or mission
  • you wonder what your own unique superpower is and what truly suits you
  • you'd like to develop a more positive self image
  • you’re experiencing pressing doubts about your career or studies
  • you’re having trouble making important decisions and/or taking certain steps

And of course there are many more possible topics. Maybe you’re not exactly sure what is going on, but would like to find out.

I fully dedicate my expertise, abilities and energy to you … as such, I also need you to be truly motivated and willing to do the work that is needed.

Prefer an online program instead, or perhaps a workshop or training? That's also possible!





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