How it works

The coaching sessions are enriched with a mix of methods and techniques, worksheets, exercises, tests, coaching cards and games, homework and creative assignments. My approach is always tailored to you and your specific wants and needs. I have a holistic view, so we won’t just focus on the mental, emotional and physical level, but on the spiritual and energetical as well.

You'll probably find that we can get to the core of the issue quickly, while also gaining insight into the ‘how’ and ‘why’: the deeper layers of what you’re experiencing. This increases the chances of a more lasting result. In my practice depth and spirituality always go hand in hand with lightness and both feet on the ground: no woolly stuff and a practical approach.

A series of coaching sessions always starts with an intake. The number of required sessions is generally limited and always flexible: at the end of each session we can determine whether an additional appointment is desirable. Lux Life Coaching’s Privacy statement will be handed out during the intake as well.

Personal values that I also hold high in my work are: positivity, connection, authenticity, honesty, equality, humour, intuition, passion, freedom, courage, inspiration and adventure.





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