Skype coaching

It’s also possible to book a single consultation, a number of sessions or even a full coaching trajectory via Skype.

The advantage of using Skype is that you get to stay in the comfort of your own home (providing you won’t be disturbed there). Sometimes distance lowers a threshold, making it easier to consult a coach. And you don’t need to travel to my practice either, which saves time and transportation costs.

My clients have a multitude of nationalities. So coaching via Skype was a logical next step that enables me to serve a bigger (international) audience. Furthermore, not everyone is able to come to my practice in person.

Coaching via Skype works largely the same way as regular, face-to-face coaching. Physical distance poses no limitation for intuition and energy either.

Would you like to book a Skype-appointment? Or do you have a question? Then please contact me!




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