Transformation Session - individual coaching

I offer coaching in the form of a fully customized Transformation Session, in which I focus exclusively on you and your specific coaching needs and wants. Here are some examples of questions I get more often.

A Transformation Session is ideal if you are serious about getting started and want to achieve a great amount of result in a short period of time. No trajectory with multiple sessions, but a half-day in which we are going to make great strides together!

Part of my magic is that I am very quick to spot the web, the root of the issue(s) and the possible solutions. We won´t just focus on where you want to go, but we will also look into the deeper layers of what you’re experiencing. Because once this is clear, more sustainable results can be achieved. Moreover, I will give you the right (practical) tools you need at this time.

What you also need to know is that I work holistically. This means that not only the mental, emotional and physical level is taken into account, but also the energetical and spiritual. In other words: the complete picture. I use a mix of effective techniques and working methods. And I effortlessly combine great depth and spirituality with lightness and fun. Everything with a sparkle and both feet on the ground!

Before we get started with your Transformation, you get a free and non-binding orientation call via Skype or Zoom. During the Transformation Session itself you will receive a total of 3 hours of coaching.

I work both face-to-face and online, also when it comes to coaching. Experiencing a Transformation Session can also be done remotely. More information about rates can be found here.

Curious? Here you can read some more about what my clients say!

Would you also like to work with me and request a free orientation call? Then please contact me!


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