Mini course On Purpose

Do you know what you are destined for?

The quest for meaning or purpose is what motivates us at the deepest level. If you want to live your life on purpose, then you’ll want to figure out your own unique gift to the world. Essentially, each one of us has a purpose, a higher goal, a mission we seek to fulfill during our lifetime ... whether we’re conscious of it or not. I’ve also written a blog and created a workshop around this topic. 

Discovering your purpose in life makes everything fall into place, like nothing else will! This free mini course ‘On Purpose’ is designed to give you a small nudge in the right direction. I’ve paired the information in the course with practical exercises, to help you find some pieces of the beautiful puzzle that is your purpose. You can work through it at your own pace. All the content is in English, as this works for most people.

The course is entirely free. Please request your copy by emailing me at: or fill out a reaction form. I will then send you the material (I only use your email address to send you the course, so you don’t end up on a mailing list or anything).

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think :-)

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