Maximizing Joy:

Keys to a Happier, Freer and Lighter Life


You don't have to keep settling for a life you're not truly happy with .... Joy and freedom are your birthright and it’s time you claim this right!

I want to ask you to read the program title at the top of this page again .... and let it sink in for a bit. Because a happier, freer and lighter life in which happiness and enjoyment play a leading role: it can really be done! It’s just that people often tend to think it's not possible (for them). But that’s not the case. This is also achievable for you! And in order to do so, you don't even have to dive into all sorts of meditation courses or therapy sessions. It can also be done differently, in a more fun way! :-) How? That’s exactly what I’ll be showing you in my new program.

When was the last time you felt truly ALIVE?

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest! However true this statement may be, it can also be a very frustrating one. Because daily reality is proving to be more difficult and your happiness not so easy to find ....
You know what it is? You need certain knowledge and tools to get there, also in order to be able to transcend what’s limiting you. A kind of manual. You just do. And so far you haven't found what you're looking for .... Let me help you. I can teach you everything you need to know to transform your current reality.

It's all about Joy! That is the frequency we are going to tune into in this program. Enough with the heaviness and the fighting .... I just don't want you to keep struggling any longer and/or getting stuck. And I also don't want you to keep looking for a solution that (once again) won't help you in the end.
It’s about time for more Joy and Magic in your life! So that you will never have to ask yourself again: 'Is this it?' But instead you can say: 'Wow, so THIS is how life can be!!’ I really want you to discover that!

Are you ready to make the shift of your life? I would love to help you with this, because I know exactly what it takes. As a life coach, psychologist and trainer I have more than 20 years of experience in guiding people who want to live consciously and fully. Who want more out of life and (dare to) choose happiness. I’ve also walked this path myself, by the way. You can count on me to recharge and en-light-en you! ?

I give you a complete package full of valuable knowledge and useful tools, which will not only truly serve you now, but for the rest of your life. All the content in this program has proven to be effective. Furthermore, it works on all levels simultaneously (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically). Back in the day I would’ve loved to have had a program like this .... but that didn't exist and so I decided to develop it myself.


What results can you expect?

I have summarized some of the most important results you can achieve with this program:

  • You learn to think, feel, act and view things in a different way: more positive and constructive
  • You know exactly what you can do to become a Joy magnet and also how you can do it
  • You feel a lot better: happier, more cheerful and positive!
  • Your self-image and self-esteem are boosted, as is your energy level
  • You are in better contact with your body and your health is improving, both mentally and physically
  • You spend less time in your head and your (negative) thoughts don’t carry you away as much
  • You learn how to defuse your own inner critic
  • You know how to control fearful/panic thoughts
  • You develop a (more) positive mindset that actually helps you along
  • You learn how to step out of emotions such as sadness, fear and anger more quickly
  • You experience life as lighter: there’s more ease, fun and flow and less heaviness
  • You learn to take leadership in your life and let your own heart and soul speak
  • You experience more (inner) freedom, because blocks are being removed that prevented you from feeling great
  • You're enjoying yourself to the fullest and you're glowing again!
  • You discover your essential creative power and how you can make the most of it
  • You experience more clarity and confidence
  • You see all kinds of new possibilities, both for yourself and in yourself, and that creates a lot of new, positive energy
  • Your desires and dreams are brought to life and you also know how to turn them into reality
  • You feel the fire, the spark within you burn again
  • It's much easier for you now to take action and deal with resistance, because you know how to tackle and break through it
  • Your awareness has taken a giant leap
  • The holistic approach of the program allows for faster self-development and in several areas simultaneously: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and energetically
  • But perhaps the most beautiful result of all is that this program will make you start to really live life - magic, radiance and color included! Exactly as life is meant to be!!

What we're going to do

Maximizing Joy - Keys to a Happier, Freer and Lighter Life consists of 6 modules, each with a clear and logical structure. Moreover, together they form a complete and coordinated whole. With this content you will be able to bring about an enormous transformation in your life and well-being!

These are the modules:
Module 1:  The Basics - Optimal contact with yourself: Body, Self-image and Energy field
Module 2:  Reprogram your system - Learning to Think differently
Module 3:  Reprogram your system - Learning to Feel differently
Module 4:  Reprogram your system - Learning To Act differently
Module 5:  Sources of Joy - Pursuing Your Desires and Dreams    
Module 6:  Alignment and Manifestation - Optimal contact with the Universe

The program has two versions to choose from: Gold and Diamond. Both consist of the above 6 modules and both take 3 months. In the basis they contain exactly the same wealth of essential knowledge & information, concrete tools & tips, assignments & exercises and inspiration & motivation! 
The difference between Gold and Diamond is formed by the degree of guidance and coaching that comes with it, as you can see below:


  • Free Joy Discovery session upfront
  • 6 Modules
  • 6 Question & Answer sessions per email


  • Free Joy Discovery session upfront
  • 6 Modules
  • 3 Personal Coaching sessions
  • Unlimited Question & Answer sessions per email and/or Whatsapp
  • Bonus video: ‘The Art of Letting Go’

Free Joy Discovery session as a gift
No matter which version you would like to go with, you always receive a Joy Discovery session upfront, as a gift from me! This is not only completely free, but also non-binding. The session takes place via Skype or Zoom and takes about 45 minutes. I'll tune in to you and read your energy. I can see exactly what's going on, where the problem lies and what it will take for you to realize a happier, freer and lighter life. This valuable information I pass on to you, whether we decide to continue to work together or not. And of course I'll also answer all of your questions. The only thing I ask of you is that you’re truly motivated!



What other extras do you get?   

  • 6 inspiring videos
  • A recorded visualization (exercise)
  • Personal Question & Answer sessions for the duration of the program, in which I’ll answer all your questions directly
  • The Diamond option includes 3 in-depth, individual coaching sessions, as well as a bonus video in which I teach you a special technique for letting go (permanently)
  • Regular check-ins in between, to see how you're doing and what you're up against
  • My mini course 'On Purpose', so that you gain a little more insight into your own mission, your higher purpose in life
  • Continuous online access to all content, even after the end of the program


Practical info

As this is an online program that you complete individually, you can start at any time, whenever you want! The Joy Discovery session can also be scheduled at any time.

Your investment for a happier, freer and lighter life is:

Gold:  2095 euro (excl. VAT)
Note: fast decision makers receive a 250 euro discount and pay 1845 euro (excl. VAT)!

Diamond:  2495 euro (excl. VAT)
Note: fast decision makers receive a 250 euro discount and pay 2245 euro (excl. VAT)!

Payment in installments is always possible.

Mind you: the true value of this program is much greater than the investment required, because of its power and impact .... When you decide to participate and go for it, it will be life-changing! Guaranteed. And on top of that, you will benefit from it for life.

In the end there is only one thing we all want, one universal and fundamental desire: to be happy! 

Isn't that what you want as well? What is more important than that? Then why would you NOT invest in your own happiness and well-being, at a high level?



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