Welcome to Lux Life Coaching, an accessible practice for coaching, counseling and training with bases in Amsterdam and Valencia. In addition to individual trajectories I regularly provide various workshops and training programs related to personal development, both for private clients and companies. My services are available in both Dutch and English.

'Lux' refers to illumination. I (re)connect you to your true potential and to all the magical possibilities that are available to shape your life in an optimal way. Because I believe that you are meant to blossom, to realize your desires and dreams and to fully enjoy life! Not to keep the brakes on, to stay stuck or to be caught up in struggle or survival.

So much more is possible! With the right knowledge and tools you too can raise your awareness and elevate your life to a higher level. This is what I help you with. What would it be like to finally start creating what you are deeply longing for and feeling like you are really living, in alignment with who YOU are?

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