Welcome to Lux Life Coaching

´Helping you realize your full potential´

´Lux´ refers to luminosity, to your true nature. This incredibly powerful potential - which we all have at our disposal, but still use far too little! - is central to everything I do in my business. As is consciousness. Because only when you raise your consciousness can you tap into your true power, start living your full potential, harness new magical possibilities, untangle knots and transform the obstacles on your path. And with that everything changes!

This is what I help you with, through a unique combination of life and consciousness coaching, (practical) spirituality, psychology and intuitive/energy work. Because I believe you are meant to:

  • Be yourself,  fully and completely, and live your unique potential
  • Actually realize your (soul) desires, dreams and ideal life
  • Express your life purpose and blossom in the process
  • Transform your limitations: your ´baggage´, fears, patterns etc.
  • Live life to the fullest and, above all, enjoy it to the fullest!

So much more  is possible, also for you .... you don´t have to keep settling for less! With the right knowledge and (practical) tools you too can make a shift and take your life to the next level. How can I be so sure about that? I not only see it happening with my clients, my own life provides a perfect example as well.

Would you like to know more? Here you can read more about my vision, as well as about me and who I typically work with. I offer individual coaching, an online program and even a retreat (these last two currently only in Dutch)! I also work for companies. My blogs can be found here. My services are available in Dutch and/or English, from my permanent base in Amsterdam as well as online.


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