Welcome to Lux Life Coaching, an accessible bilingual practice for coaching, counseling and training specializing in identity and purpose!

I offer inspiration and help with raising awareness and developing more inner freedom, so that you can truly become yourself and start shaping your best life. The reason is do this is because I believe that there’s more to life, and that so much more is possible. That you are meant to blossom and live life to the fullest, in accordance with your potential. And that you too can create what you’re deeply longing for … even though that may seem impossible now.

You can learn to loosen the grip of your fears, your thoughts, your patterns and other baggage. You don’t have to stay stuck. Really, you don't! Awareness and the right tools that can be applied in daily life enable you to make actual changes and manifest your desires. I also know that all too well from my own experience :-)

In addition to individual trajectories, Lux Life Coaching regularly provides various workshops and training programs related to personal development, both for private clients and companies.


Helping you realize your purpose


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